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Presale Phase 3 - 480 BNB SOLD OUT


Our custom wrapped Altrucoin x BankerDoge Tesla Model 3 giveaway is live now!

Multiphase Presale

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Time Cap Presale

Presale Phase 2 and 3 will be using our new Time Cap presale system. The time cap system doesn't use a normal hard cap like most presales. Instead, it will be an extremely time limited sale that will end very quickly.
The sale will open with limited time available to buy in. The sale will extend by only seconds for every 1 BNB raised.
If the timer ever reaches zero, the sale ends immediately.

Presale Phase 3: 15% Discount
(3% Discount + Waived 12% Buy Tax)

Total Raised: 0/250 BNB

Goal: 250 BNB, Time Cap: 5 Hours + 0 Minutes Per BNB

Max Contribution: 0 BNB, Minimum: 0 BNB

Price: 0 BANKER per BNB

Your Contribution: 0 BNB

Your Reserved Tokens: 0 BANKER

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Phase 3 Ends:

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